College of Basic and Applied Sciences (COLBAS)

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences was established in the 2011/2012 Academic Session as one of the three startup Colleges of Glorious Vision University, Ogwa, Edo State.
The College presently, has three departments: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Mathematics and Physical Sciences with a strong desire to provide a broad and balanced foundation which empowers the students with knowledge and practical skills and prepare them for a successful career, and a solid academic base for more advanced degrees (M.Sc., Ph.D.), if so desired.
The College enjoys modern and well equipped laboratories and other facilities available in the institution which are utilized to train students and equip them with academic and professional knowledge.

College of Humanities (COLHUM)

The College of Humanities was established in 2011 at the inception of the University.

The College houses three Departments: namely; Languages; History and Diplomatic Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Furthermore, the Departments house the following programmes:
Department of Languages houses: B.A.(Hons) English Studies and B.A.(Hons) French; Department of History and Diplomatic Studies houses: History and Diplomatic Studies programme; while the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies houses Philosophy programme and Religious Studies programme, respectively.
The mission of the College is to groom total students who will always be of relevance locally and internationally, identified with articulate speech, and writing in English and French, Godliness and sound handling of contemporary philosophical and societal issues.

College of Management and Social Sciences (COLMASS)

The world recognizes the importance of management in every area of human endeavor and Glorious Vision University is not an exception. This is evident in our standard COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES with four departments and six courses concerned chiefly with offering students education that will make them good managers of both resources and personnel upon their graduation.

These courses rang from media arts to photography to accounting, economics, finance, public administration through to public relations. The main aim of this college is to teach students to manage, teach and communicate because it is unarguable that communication is the live wire of the society. The college gives allowances for the students to present fresh ideas necessary to harness the skills of communication and management being taught.