University Library

About The University Library

Samuel Adegboyega University Library is the nerve centre of the University, established to cater for the learning, teaching, research and other information needs of the University Community. Samuel Adegboyega University Library is a Knowledge Resource Centre that provides unified knowledge environment where traditional library services and electronic library services are accessible to the library clientele. The library essentially provides adequate learning, information, teaching and research materials in a technologically advanced platform for students, academic and non-teaching personnel of the University.

The library has appreciable volumes of books covering all courses being offered in all the colleges in the University. These include, monographs, journals, reference books, and inaugural lectures as well as a collection of newspapers. Being a faith-based institution, the University Library also maintains a collection of Christian books to cater for the spiritual development of the users. There are also college libraries in all the colleges of the University for immediate information needs of staff and students.

The SAU library is a collection of information resources that are carefully selected, acquired, processed, stored and disseminated to satisfy users' information needs. Information resources include printed books such as textbooks, reference books, and light reading materials, digital resources such as search engines, e-journals, e-books, e-newspapers, electronic databases and real-life information networks.

Library materials have evolved from print to virtual library resources. With virtual reality, library users in SAU do not need to come to the library building, but can access the library electronic resources from any location on the campus, at any time. The physical space in the library building does not determine the size of the library collection. The library is made up of different divisions and departments that perform individual functions towards achieving a unified objective of the parent university.

Staff Under Library Unit

Name Position Sex Group
Mrs. Abimbola Margaret Olusola Librarian II Female AS
Mrs. Agu Ogechi Lily. C. O. Librarian II Female AS
Mrs. Arapasopo Esther Arinola Trainee Librarian Female SNAS
Mr. Rasaki Kehinde Trainee Librarian Male SNAS
Mrs. David Temitope Sarah Executive Officer Female SNAS
Mr. Akinlalu Olanrewaju Library Assistant Male SNAS
Mr. Babalola Oluwafemi Isaiah System Librarian Male SNAS