Web Master   09 Mar 2017   Campus

The Management of Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, on Monday, 6th March, 2017, organised a day Seminar on Causes, Prevention and Control of fire outbreak for its members of staff.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Benard Eronmonsele Aigbokhan, in his opening remark underscored the need to organise seminar on fire outbreak going by the recent experiences of fire outbreak, especially in the university. He urged members of staff of the University to see every opportunity presented to them by the university management as a medium of empowerment. He encouraged them to put to use the integrity of the seminar.

The facilitator, Mr. Samson Olusoji Afolabi, head of Farms and Environment in the University, defined fire outbreak as a sudden emergence of fire, either in small or large scale. He discussed the implication of fire prevention and control on climate change and environmental sustainability.

The causes, prevention and control of fire outbreak were thoroughly explained.

  1. Causes of fire outbreak are categorised as:
    1. Deliberate
    2. Unintentional
    3. Controlled
    4. Unknown

  2. Prevention of fire outbreak
    1. Effective waste management recycling
    2. Switch off electrical appliances, after use
    3. Bush burning control

  3. Step to be taken in case of outbreak of fire:
    1. Be patient and steady
    2. Raise alarm
    3. Roll call
    4. Apply necessary familiar fire prevention equipment
    5. Call fire service department (large scale)
    6. Maintain distance from source of the fire


Mr. Afolabi concluded that environment sustainability is a function of several factors: communication factor; geographical factor; human factor etc. He urged human, the major stakeholder, to see one another as actors not dormant partners to ensuring a sustainable environment to prevent and control fire outbreak and other environmental disasters.

The acting Registrar, Dr. (Mrs.) P.O. Afolabi mentioned that use of blanket to cover the fire to prevent the fire gaining access to oxygen, as well as use of water mixed with detergent are ways of controlling or stopping fire outbreak.

A demonstration on how to use fire extinguisher was displayed. The seminar was well attended by principal officers and all members of staff of the University